Follow People – Trace Art

This project has been jointly conducted with the Center for Persecuted Arts in Solingen and its Chief Curator Jürgen J. Kaumkötter. The project explores various approaches to tracing biographical trajectories of Jewish artists who were persecuted by Nazi Germany during the 1930s and became victims of the Shoah.

As part of an art exhibition to commemorate the 70s anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in the German Bundestag, we created a time/space model on life paths of a small sample of artists who were deported to Auschwitz to visualize the different patterns of mobility they experienced throughout their lifetimes and put the experience of persecution and for many eventually death in perspective.

The model also demonstrated that artists collected in the Yad Vashem Art Museum and in the Art Museum at Auschwitz represent very different profiles of Artists of the Shoah.

Another line within this project looks at the life itinerary of Felix Nussbaum and relates his biography to the movements of his pictures from their creation until today.

Researchers & Contact
Christoph Rass (UOS)
Jürgen Kaumkötter (ZvK)